5 make-up artists that are redefining the Nigerian beauty industry

Make-up artistry is big business in Nigeria. With the amount of events, parties, weddings, luncheons and so on, women are constantly looking for a MUA to work their magic. However,

Everyone, at least once in their lives, has paid a MUA to do their make-up. It seems that no matter how hard we try, how many tutorials we watch and how many luxury products we use, we still cannot seem to recreate the magic that these MUA’s can with the flick of a brush.

Very rarely are beauty studios empty as women fill the seats looking to be transformed by these beauty magicians.

However, in an industry that is fast-becoming saturated, these 5 women manage to stand out with their incredibly skills and unique signatures. From Doranne Beauty, the queen of the dewy glow to Anita Brows, the brow wiz, each of these women have managed to put their stamp on the beauty world. Here’s how!

5 make-up artists that are redefining the Nigerian beauty industry (Lionesses of Africa)
5 make-up artists that are redefining the Nigerian beauty industry (Lionesses of Africa)

1. IamDodos

With a staggering 72k followers on Instagram, the woman behind IamDodos, Dodos Uvieghara, is one of the most sought after MUA’s in Lagos. Dodos, who is also a beauty and style blogger, knows how to create the most flawless and natural looks. Unlike some MUA’s who insist on using lighter shades on their clients, Dodos celebrates melanin-rich skin and her colour matching is next to none.

She’s great at highlighting the natural beauty of her clients and accentuating their best features in the most subtle and stunning way. If you want to look the best version of you, if you crave your skin but better then Dodos is the girl for you.

2. Bibyonce

If there’s any Nigerian MUA that has managed to create a signature look, it’s Bebe Omagbemi, popularly known as Bibyonce. The MUA transforms her clients into elfin beauties and for this creative MUA, it’s all in the eyes. She uses makeup to create these baby doll eyes complete with the wispiest, most fluttery lashes you have ever seen. No woman leaves looking the same after being touched by Bebe.

She famously did when she received her assurance. Chioma’s iridescent, golden glow was the talk of the town for days after the event.

3. Doranne Beauty

The beauty behind Doranne Beauty, Theodora Mogo is probably the best walking advertisement for her brand. The pint-sized beauty is always perfectly turned out with that signature Doranne Beauty dewy glow.

Doranne Beauty beats are always super clean with a surprise pop of colour. Your skin looks radiant and their skillful use of highlighter literally makes you look like you’re glowing from the inside out. With a whopping, 74k followers on Instagram, it seems people are inclined to agree.

Where Doranne Beauty really excels is with absolutely gorgeous, nude, glossy lips. Their looks are always complete with natural yet super- glossy and sexy lips. What more could you want!

4. Anita Brows

It’s true that brows can really make or break a face. Most MUAs over-do brows and they can look heavy and unnatural but Anita Adetoye from Anita Brows is the undisputed brow queen. Her light, feathery strokes mean that the eyebrows she does are buildable and the finished product is a light, natural-looking brow that frames the face beautifully.

Her face beats strike a delicate balance between natural and glamorous with her skin work being always on point. Glowing natural-looking skin with a generous pop of glitter and a nicely-pigmented eyeshadow for an unexpected pop of colour. We could spot an Anita Brows beat a mile away!

5. BM|Pro

You cannot talk about make-up artistry in Nigerian without mentioning the inimitable Bimpe Onakoya of BM Pro, the MUA OG. Bimpe, who has touched almost every face worth touching in Nigeria with her magical hands.

BM Pro is the classic choice and the wedding MUA of choice for almost any bride. She has managed to turn her talent into a beauty empire with a range of beauty products to boot! Her talent and her reputation certainly precedes her.

Source: https://www.pulse.com.gh

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